Hi, and thanks for visiting Blooming Twenties. melody-small-editor

My name is Melody, a twenty-something year old writer and blogger. I first started blogging (at Hats, Shoes and all of the crap in-between) while studying fashion journalism at university, however when I decided to focus all my time on my career I reached a lull in updating my blog! After missing my favourite hobby I decided to create this new site dedicated to women in their twenties!

Despite having a slightly obsessive addiction to fashion and beauty this site will have it all… featuring articles written by excellent contributors, pieces on mental health, lifestyle topics and just about anything relevant to you, my reader.

I decided to name my site ‘Blooming Twenties’ As to bloom is something beautiful yet we use the term often to describe something tough that we dislike, much like living in our twenties.

I hope you enjoy reading my little corner of the internet and grow with me!


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