5 Sites for Twenty-Something’s

5 Sites for Twenty-Something’s

Let’s face it we’re all guilty of being constantly connected to the internet, whether we’re looking for a new pair of shoes or scrolling through pictures of cats wearing tights – we spend a lot of our day on the net. In fact, OFCOM reported that people between the ages of 16-24 spend approximately 27 hours a week online, that’s more than a day! So, today I am sharing 5 of my favourite sites to procrastinate on, that are great for women in their twenties. Whether you want to up your workout game, read the latest sex fad or get a little career advice there is something in this for you!




Why do I love The Debrief? Well it is written for twenty-somethings by twenty-somethings. The no-bullshit attitude of the site makes you feel like you’re talking to friends about the latest fad, coolest places to shop and the fact that none of us have any money! So if you’re looking for somewhere witty then look no further than The Debrief.


Career Girl Daily

From productivity tips, interview advice and even fashion posts this blog is a fun yet informative site for girls wanting to kick ass in their career. I follow the blog to get daily emails of new posts which I love reading on my commute to work.



How did I cook before this website? If you don’t know how to poach an egg this site will tell you, maybe you want some healthy meals on a budget this site has the answer or maybe you just want to cook a fancy meal for the family – what ever your skill set, budget or taste this site will help you cook, I guarantee!



Just when I thought I was too old for Pop Sugar I discovered their fitness and health section. This area of this site is great for busting myths and giving great advice on getting the most from you workout. What I love most is both the fitness YouTube Channel and App, which allow you to create workout plans that are fun yet affective!



Let’s face it we all need some down-time and whether you’re a David Attenborough fan, a Pretty Little Liars addict or a film fanatic Netflix has it all. You’ll be surprised how quickly a Sunday can pass once you’re into one of these series. PS. SPICE WORLD THE MOVIE IS ON THERE! #goals






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