Regrets We Have in Our Twenties

Regrets We Have in Our Twenties

Let’s face it your twenties is the ideal time to make mistakes, and with mistakes comes regrets. Whether it is relationship regrets, alcohol related or just plain stupidity us young women are full of them, so here are 10 regrets every twenty-something year old girl has had.

listen-to-mum1. Not Listening to Your Mum!

She told you school would be the best days of your life and they were. She told you that guy was wrong for you and he was. She said one day you would appreciate her and you do. No matter what, Mums are always right. I’m not sure how, but they are. Whether it was when she told you not to put reds and whites in the wash together and you didn’t listen or when she told you that you shouldn’t go somewhere and you did – you grow up and realise that she was always right. Maybe they’re like magic or something?


2. Drinking That Last Tequilla Shot!

Or let’s face it any shot… That last one is always the one you could have just done without. And the next day you forever live with that pounding headache and taste of sambuca reminding you that you should not have had that last drink. But you’ll probably do it again next week!


3. Spending Your Entire Months Wages In Topshop!

At the time it seems right, the dress is perfect, it fits like a glove, you were made for each other, but when you’re in your overdraft eating baked beans for the next three weeks the dress no longer looks as good. Although it never ever stops us doing it again… Did I hear Zara sale?!!

4. Going Out With The Wrong Guy!

Your friends said he was not right for you, that woman who is always right (mum) had a feeling he was bad news, but guess what? He had a nice car , was older and totally cool. Well it probably turned out to be his Dads car, he was actually a bum and it all ended up on Jeremy Kyle – well ok, not quite. But I am sure every girl has dated the wrong guy and every girl has regretted it while stuffing a tub on Ben and Jerry’s into her mouth – it’s the rules right?

5. Wearing Heels That’re Too High!

They look so pretty, your legs look hot, but after a drink your ankles turn into bambi legs and can no longer hold the weight of your upper body! The next day your feet have 5 blisters and suddenly your legs that looked good last nights look they they’ve had a few rounds with Mike Tyson.


6. Skipping The Gym … Again! not-working-out-more

You spend £40 a month on a gym membership and the last time you used it was to go in the sauna right? I hear you! You wake up on Monday with every intention of becoming one of those
instagram-fit girls but then at midday Pizza Hut texts and well… stuffed crust right?

7. Taking It All Too Seriously!

Whether it was that one bad grade at uni, that girl who bitched behind your back, or not getting that job you dreamed of the reality is you probably took it all too seriously. Now, in hindsight when you’re working 9-5 and in a good place you regret letting a little thing get you so down. You’re in your twenty’s god girl have some fun!8. Dying Your Hair That Awful Colour!

Whether it was the ash blonde that dried your hair, the copper tones that looked ginger or that full head of blue that faded in a week. We have all at some point changed our hair colour in aid of fashion and look back on the photos now with a cringed face behind a cushion. Seriously what was you thinking girl?

being-more-organised9. Not Being More Organised!

You forgot your brothers birthday? CRAP! Or missed another lecture by accident? If only you actually used all those post-it notes and diaries you bought from Paperchase? Not being organised, whether it be your work life, wardrobe or social life is one of those things that I am sure comes with age right?

10. Not keeping In Touch With Old Friends!

You moved away to uni, promising to keep in touch three years on and you’ve not seen them since. In some cases this is a great thing – you finally met some great people! But in others you kind of miss them and the memories you made. Ok, so your life has moved on but we all have that one friend we regret not keeping in touch with right?

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